Ingan Industries Inc

Directed by WANG, Hwanyoon


  Two boys looked after ways to success their business using their worthless toys. Their solution was ‘fraud’. Let’s see their introduction. “We are from after-millennium-future that language and technology are highly advanced. Our transportation to return to our age didn’t work so we come out here and disclose ourselves to you. We were employees of interplanetary logistics company and our job was taking care of driving a cargo ship. And we had to deliver our stuffs to the planet 12 LIGHT-YEAR away -dare, saying in ancient, your measurement, from Earth. Just before the accident, we were working on deliver job as usual. But unknown error was occurred in all electronic machines we had and we had drifted across universe. When we first arrived this era, we had to get through thousands of trials and errors which had us to take long time to understand we are now in before-millennium past. Finally we made a decision to live with this era and to sell stuffs we have with a good deal in order to adapt ourselves to contemporary flow of the time." What they try to sell is so called 'humanoid Toys' which are 'little human' produced by biotechnologies based on advanced science. Like god create human in the beginning, it implies that human also can create little human with advanced technologies.


Human dignity in capitalism and responsibility for lies. 

  Stockholders who are investors in corporation system act for protecting their profit. When the person who is in charge of attracting investigation obtains any funding based on deception, relative investors can accuse him/her of fraud; however they could not avoid to help in such investors' success if they cannot get their funding back. Even if consumers were damaged by violence of capital, the company do not take any responsibilities for it or take extremely minimum responsibilities comparing with that damage. This story intends to explore that how huge capital will use the hypothetical situation told in this story such productions of living by biotechnology not by human themselves; and what sort of impacts we would face if any source of life could be easily produced at home.


Video Production Process 

  Recorded based on chroma-key method, made in motion-graphic video with drawing, produced by exporting the final output into DVD, connecting DVD player with VCR and then recording the DVD at VCR using VHS video tape, and deteriorated video picture quality using signal-interrupting device (e.g. microwave near cable lines) after connecting the computer with TV by tuner capture device.

Supported by

Gwacheon National Science Museum of South Korea

Sangmyung University Department of Fine arts

Anseong Haneul Hokmah Childcare centre

Wangwang Arts Creative